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Birds and humans have lived peacefully together on our planet for millennia. The increasing industrialization and urbanization changed this slowly over the last centuries. Birds appreciate the proximity to humans and their food sources. For us humans, on the other hand, birds endanger our hygiene and cleanliness requirements. This is why we try to keep certain birds as pigeons and seagulls away from industrialized areas.

Bird Droppings as a Source of Danger for the Economy and Society

Bird droppings are a major challenge for the economy and society. As a result, they cause millions of dollars in costs. Bird droppings are corrosive and harmful to the health of humans. In addition, bird droppings can transfer dangerous diseases, such as animal-to-human transmissible diseases, so-called zoonosis (e.g. ornithosis). In addition, birds transmit parasites such as bird fleas, pigeons, etc. Hence, the consequences for human health should not be underestimated. As a result, the market for pest control and bird control in inhabited areas is becoming increasingly important. An increasing bird population in urban areas intensifies the expensive challenge to dispose the toxic feces with great difficulty.

Property owners, on the other hand, fear the influence of the masonry due to the caustic effect of the bird droppings, which occurs slowly and creepingly. The industry also needs to guarantee specific hygiene rules in certain sectors (for example in the health and food industries). In addition, birds act in the agricultural and fish farming industries as thieves to the food production value chain (e.g. herons steal and eat fish or starlings enjoy grapevines or blueberries). All of these effects support the necessity to look for effective countermeasures and efficient bird control solutions.

Comparison of the Solutions in the Market

Existing and decades-old solutions, such as mechanical and acoustic defense systems (e.g. nets, spikes, barriers, sound pressure systems, deterrent gels, systems with birds of prey shouting) have been developed and used for a variety of application scenarios.

The problems of these systems are well known: Not very effective, mostly not fire safety compliant and not compliant with animal welfare requirements.


For example, pigeons can be caught in nets and end up in agony. If reported, the fire department is obliged to rescue a caught bird. As part of that, disturbing nets are destroyed. This in turn leads to costs for firefighters and the replacement of nets. In addition, synthetic (plastic) nets have only a limited lifetime, as wind, weather and dust destroy them. Consequently, frequent repairs or replacements often lead to significant follow-up costs. Moreover, such animal repellent nets are often a trigger for protests from animal rights activists. The following overview gives a good overview of the limitations of the different systems:

Effective Bird Control

Our experienced team has been working in the area of bird control and bird deterrents for many years. This allowed us to develop a solution that responds to a wide variety of challenges in this field, e.g. comply with fire safety requirements, is ready to use, easy and fast to install as well as barely visible, only needs low maintenance and can protect large areas.

For Defensito it is very important to serve our customers with an end-to-end service. This service begins with advising our customers about suitable defensive measures. As next step, we plan the project. Within the implementation phase we install the Defensito system. The final part of our service includes the maintenance and repair support of the systems during its lifetime by a partner of our's.


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