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Professional, Passive & Approval-free Protection against Drones

Since the beginning of this millennium, the development of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) has accelerated. New use cases such as postal delivery, weather monitoring, surveying, mapping, photography or fire extinguishing from the air are meaningful developments. The drastic reduction in price in recent years has also made the drone an affordable toy for millions of amateur pilots. Unfortunately, the development towards a cost-effective and easy sourcing has also brought a negative downside. That is why we should also think about drone defense.

Need for a Drone Defense

Already in September 2013, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the victim of a harmless attack with a commercial drone, which brought high media attention. Since then, an increasing number of abuse cases of drone usage is reported every year. The challenge is that these small-unmanned aerial vehicles cannot be stopped by conventional defense mechanisms such as (barbed wire) fences or access controls. They can also carry several kilograms heavy load and usually approach silently from the air. Hereby, drones use the element of surprise and, for example,

  • break in prisons: Smuggling of weapons, drugs, cell phones,
  • get in airport territories: Disruption of air traffic by drones
  • intrude into industrial sites: Industrial espionage by cameras drones
  • infiltrate war zones behind the enemy lines: Drone attack with bombs and weapons
  • trespass VIPs estates: Camera drones try to make compromising photos

A future scenario could also be a drone attack on stadiums, major events, government buildings, refineries or power plants with bombs and weapons.

Comparison of the Solutions in the Market

Existing approval-free drone defense systems today can only detect approaching drones. Without regulatory approval, they must not effectively and actively repel drones. In addition, the systems used in military operations (e.g. laser, jammers, intercept drones, net cannons) are very expensive. Besides, they are maintenance-intensive, only limited effective and thus hardly usable at least in the civil area. The following overview gives a good overview of the limitations of the individual systems:

Defensito's Drone Defense Solution is Approval-free & Effective

Our defense system, originally designed for bird control, has been further developed into the first passive defense system against drones. This makes Defensito the first company that can provide an approval-free and civil anti-drone solution for different use cases. In addition, the solution is cost-effective, low-maintenance, endangers neither other flying objects nor birds and is very effective compared to competing approval-free solutions.

Effective Bird Control included in the System

Even if you are currently only looking for a system for drone defense, our solution has another advantage: The effective protection against birds. Often, bird hatcheries develop over time in new locations. Places protected by Defensitos drone defense solution will not be used as bird breeding grounds in the future.


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